Hello gusy, so in this article I will share the Stumble Gusy Mod APK game which is of course online on a mobile phone.

Stumble Guys is an online multiplayer royale-based game released by the developer Kitka Games. In the Play Store rating, Stumble Guys got a rating score of 4.2 from its downloaders. This game itself requires free memory space of 103 Megabytes when installed. Based on the information displayed on the Play Store, Stumble Guys has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Stumble Guys is a pretty fun game if you want to play with friends to hang out. In the Stumble Guys game feature, players can create rooms that have codes to share so they can play with other friends. In addition to creating their own room, players can also choose to play alone which will later be entered into a random room containing other players. In the Stumble Guys game, players can also change the character's appearance from clothes, colors, emojis, animations, and character footprints while playing.

Although it has a pretty laid back and affordable look. Stumble Guys games can irritate and increase the blood pressure of players. In Stumble Guys, players will be put into a room containing 32 other players who must later be developed to qualify for each match's quota. To become the champion, each player has to go through 3 different maps which are randomly selected by the system. In each of these maps, players must pass the qualifications for the top 16, the top 8, until the last map which is the final round where only 1 player who passes will become the champion.

The Stumble Guys game does sound easy to play and it really is. The challenge of this game is that the players must as much as possible not to fall or collide with other players because every second is valuable to increase the chances of getting into the qualification and advancing to the next round. The important thing for players to have is an anticipatory strategy by understanding the weak points of the map well. In addition to being able to raise blood pressure, Stumble Guys is also considered very effective at breaking up the atmosphere, so it's really fitting to talk about topics of conversation when hanging out. (EHRE)


  • For those of you, if you want to save linked/login to Facebook, it's easier.
  • Support all smartphones
  • HD graphics
  • Unlimited everything
  • size 95MB
  • New Version
  • no root, 100% WORK
  • if when installing the apk it says "Virus" relax, let it go, the name of the modified game is definitely rejected by the mobile phone system, I guarantee it's 99% safe.


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